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Nintendo DS Bakugan: Battle Brawlers

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From Wikipedia: 

The battles in this game are different from the anime series and the general rules. At the beginning players place a gate card, which will land on the field. Then they must choose one of their own Bakugan and throw them by aiming[1] and steering to make them land where needed.[2] It is possible to shoot at your opponent's Bakugan while it's rolling. A good blast can cause your foe to miss a boost or even send an enemy Bakugan flying off the board.[3]

There are two ways to win a gate card: a "double stand" which happens if a player lands two Bakugan on the same gate card, or by a battle. When Bakugan from each sides land on one gate card the fight starts. It is possible at that point to activate ability cards (up to 3) in order to power-up the Bakugan or to change the battle rules.[4] The fight itself consists of one of three different mini-games (shooting if on a Gold Card, shaking if on a Copper Card, and pressing buttons at the right time on a Silver Card).[1] With the help of these mini-games both Bakugan gain more G-Power, which decides who will win the fight and thus gain a gate card.[5]

Whoever gets to collect three gate cards will win the match. By winning, BP (Bakugan Points) are earned which can be used to upgrade Bakugan, buy new Bakugan, gate cards, or ability cards between matches.[5] Defeating the familiar characters from the series in Dan, Runo, Marucho, Shun, Julie, Klaus, Chan Lee, Julio, Komba, Billy, and Alice's alter-ego Masquerade in the park unlocks Drago, Hydranoid, and the other guardian Bakugan to buy and use in brawls.