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Nintendo DS Battles: Prince Of Persia ~ CIB

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From Wikipedia: 

Battles of Prince Of Persia is a turn-based tactics game combined with collectible card game elements. The game involves a variety of playing cards which are characterized by a picture and a number, providing the card with its two uses. The first use is to play the magical effect on the card, the second use is to play the number on the card, which determines how many orders the player may give within the hour. Each battle is divided up into hours, which are then divided into turns. Each turn, a player either uses a card for effect or orders, or passes. An hour ends when both players are unable or unwilling to use any more cards and both pass.

The game includes tactical elements such as zone of control and directional facing, where attacking an enemy from behind will produce better results than from the front. Zone Of Control prevents players from moving their units right through an enemy's lines and directly to the goal or leader.