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Nintendo DS Casper's Scare School: Classroom Capers ~ CIB

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From Wikipedia: In this 2D game for Nintendo DS, Casper must complete three classes, science with Professor Thurdigree Burns, history with Hedy Hopper and gym with Frankengymteacher, per week for eight weeks earning four marks in each session, earning a C grade or higher, within the time limit. It is played with the DS being held sideways in a similar style to the Brain Age series, but with just the stylus. To get his marks Casper must get what he needs by trading with his classmates giving them things they want before returning to his desk or gym mat to complete the assignment. Casper must avoid the teacher who watches certain parts of the classroom at a time, the Gargoyles who patrol the classroom, Thatch who thinks Casper is being too friendly and Kibosh who oversees the classes in the final week. This is the only time Thatch is seen in his bat form in the games. If any enemies catch Casper out of a desk (Casper's own desk in the case of Kibosh) he will be sent back to his desk, any item he is holding will be confiscated and he has to start the task again. Casper can earn bonus marks by scaring Thatch with a beetle blast or the teacher with a Power Bolt. As Casper progresses through the game the classroom gets bigger with new classmates added as well as new enemies and new power-ups.