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Nintendo DS Club House Games

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From Wikipedia: 

Clubhouse Games is a compilation of board, card, and tabletop games from around the world. The game is compatible with the Nintendo DS Rumble Pak. If the Rumble Pak is inserted, the Nintendo DS will vibrate when it is the player's turn in the game. The compilation contains three different game modes: Free Play, Stamp Mode, and Mission Mode.

In Free Play mode, the player may choose any of the 42 games available to play. Clubhouse Games divides its 42 games up into eight categories. These are the categories and the titles found in each:

Stamp Mode is a single-player mode that has three levels of difficulty. Players receive 1–3 stamps depending on how they place in the games. Several games in the "Free Play" mode are locked until the player plays them in Stamp Mode. After completing the first "easy" level of Stamp Mode, normal and hard modes are unlocked. Beating the normal mode unlocks the "stamp" section in the chat window; finishing hard mode gives the player a new color to use in the chat window and one last stamp.

Mission Mode is a single-player mode that features 30 missions to accomplish. Some missions include beating the "Memory" card game under three minutes, bowling three strikes in a row, or getting 200 points in Darts. When a mission is successfully completed, another icon is unlocked. When all 30 missions have been completed, an alternative "Pop" soundtrack is unlocked.


A player may send over a demo of a game by using the "gift" option. They can set the difficulty of the CPU. It is similar to the DS Download Station demo; the receiving player may play the game as many times as they want, but once the Nintendo DS is turned off, the game is erased.

Clubhouse Games supports the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. The original Japanese version did not feature WFC support; an April 2007 release features it. Out of the 42 games, Old Maid, Spit, I Doubt It, Pig, and the three "Single Player Games" are not playable over WFC. With strangers, players may send emoticons and pre-selected messages (such as "Good game!" and "Aaack!"). Like all other WFC-compatible games, it uses a friends list and friend code system. Against friends, players can draw out messages. Clubhouse Games also supports Single-Card and Multi-Card Download Play for up to eight players.