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From Wikipedia: 

Cradle of Rome (released in some regions as Jewel Master: Cradle of Rome) is the first in a series of tile-matching puzzle and strategy video games developed by German studio and published by D3 Publisher on November 18, 2008 for the Nintendo DS handheld game console. The Wii version was released on March 31, 2009. The game has been brought to Steam since 2007.

The game was originally created for Windows by Awem studio from Belarus as a casual game. It has been followed by a variety of Cradle/Jewel Master games including Cradle of Athena, Cradle of Egypt and Cradle of Persia.


The main screen of Cradle of Rome

The gameplay is similar to that of Bejeweled; the player must flip jewels/resources on a playing field to create matches of at least three items of the same type. As matches are formed, reserves of resources such as grain and wood are built up, which are used towards building the Roman Empire.[1] Between rounds, resources can be spent on farms, taverns and other buildings to cultivate the commonwealth. The goal of each round is to form matches on blue tiles to clear them from the screen. Obstacles increase the game's difficulty; they include locked gems/resources, which cannot be switched until a match is made to unlock them. Each round also has a time limit, which is represented by a slowly emptying vase of water on the top screen. To help the player, several power-ups can be acquired, such as a hammer that can destroy any tile on the field. The game progresses with new types of gems and resources being unlocked at every new building built in Rome. Some buildings provide an extra bonus citizen with in-game bonuses if the player plays skillfully with the particular resource unlocked from that building.[1]