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Nintendo DS Disney Hannah Montana

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From Wikipedia: Hannah Montana is an adventure video game released in October 2006 for the Nintendo DS.[8] The player controls Miley Stewart and Lilly Truscott as they search for the person who might reveal Miley's secret alter ego, Hannah Montana. The player must find clues and combine items to solve mysteries, with the help of gadgets, including a magnifying glass and a flashlight. There is also an interactive dialogue and gesture system. Lilly may also ride her skateboardrollerblades, or scooter in timed challenges. Players can also design customized clothing and access Hannah Montana's secret wardrobe via the Nintendo DS' wireless network. The player has to search for clues with Oliver Oken's gadgets. In the endgame, players can revisit locations to look for more wardrobe items and explore Malibu. The game sold 1.3 million copies.