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Nintendo DS Disney The Wizards Of Waverly Place: Spellbound ~ CIB

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From Wikipedia: 

Like the show, the game focuses on the adventures of Alex, Max, and Justin Russo, teenage siblings who happen to be wizards. The game is split into several smaller episodes that end up tying into a larger plot involving a magical dress that Alex is making for a wizardry fashion show.

Gameplay is a mix of point-and-click adventure game and action, with a heavier emphasis on the adventure aspects. In each episode, the kids learn a new spell, which is then used to solve a series of area-based puzzles. For example, early in the game Alex needs to break out of class in order to get a look at an off-limits globe showing her dress's location. To do so she must use a "Move" spell to move bookshelves in order to find a mouse hole that she can use to escape by shape-shifting into a hamster. As new spells are unlocked, the kids gain new ways to solve the puzzles, that become more complicated as the game progresses. Between puzzle-based areas, the kids need to complete action-based areas, which are short mini games. In one of the mini games, Alex and Justin need to navigate a hedge maze while in another, Alex needs to serve subs and collect tabs at the family's sub shop before Harper, Alex's mortal best friend, and her mysterious boyfriend leave. Both styles of play merge in a series of challenging games unlocked by completing levels. Each builds on some action element introduced in the level (such as the hedge maze) but adds further complication by requiring the use of spell(s). Upon Completing challenges, as well as accomplishing most in-game tasks, unlocks new D-Gamer outfits and swag for your D-Gamer character.