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Nintendo DS EA Playround

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From Wikipedia: 

The Wii game features various mini-games structured around a singleplayer "campaign" and a multiplayer party mode. All of the mini-games are based on well known playground games.[2] These include Dodgeball, Tetherball, Slot car racing, paper airplane racing, dart shootout and wall ball. Also included is "Kicks", which is a mix of the sports Soccer and Volleyball (Sepak takraw). More games can be unlocked by progressing through the single player campaign.

The Nintendo DS version of the game includes several exclusive game modes including Spitballs (which uses the microphone input), Bug Hunt, and Skateboarding which takes advantage of the stylus. Again, the games are unlocked by going through the Single Player Campaign. These games can then be played in the Quick Play mode.

After you complete all the games and dares, you can play the (Gauntlet) a game made by the sticker king, Connor. After you beat him, you unlock the sticker king's sticker showing the player's winning emotion. This emotion can also seen by winning a tourney in multiplayer. (Only Wii version) you can also unlock the sticker king in multi player.