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Nintendo DS Guitar Hero: On Tour

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From Wikipedia: Guitar Hero: On Tour was officially announced on September 7, 2007, at the Austin GDC '07,[12] and released on June 22, 2008.[13] During a conference call on May 8, 2008, Activision revealed that the game would be sold as an individual game (along with the "Guitar Grip") as well as bundled with the DS hardware itself.[14] In North America, Nintendo released a bundle which included Guitar Hero: On Tour and a limited edition Silver/Black Nintendo DS Lite branded with the Guitar Hero logo.[15] This bundle was available with the release of Guitar Hero: On Tour in the United Kingdom.[16] This is the first third-party DS game to be included in such a bundle.[15] When pre-ordered in certain stores, the consumer received either a special Guitar Hero: On Tour set of headphones, Nintendo DS Lite "wrap" pack (two stickers for use on the console) or an exclusive guitar pick stylus. The headphones and stylus feature the Guitar Hero: On Tour logo.[17] On June 14, Toys "R" Us stores across the US hosted a "First to Play" event, where players tried out the game more than a week before its release. Also at the event, anyone who attended received a free Guitar Hero sticker, a temporary tattoo, and a special dog tag.