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Nintendo DS My Baby: First Steps

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From Wikipedia: 

My Baby First Steps, known in Europe as My Baby 2, is a video game for the Nintendo DS and Wii. The player's son or daughter has grown out of infancy and into toddlerhood. As a virtual parent, the player gets to control the character until he or she turns three years old (and approaches childhood). The baby will discover his or her entire environment, walk, babble, and even speak (saying either mommy or daddy depending on the gender of the player). Three-dimensional animations makes baby look more lifelike and an improved artificial intelligence makes the virtual baby act like the player's actual son or daughter. Babies will grow from a physical and a psychological view. The player can choose between having a boy or a girl in a single cartridge unlike the prequels.

A shopping mall is introduced to purchase possessions for the baby and the home featuring generic clothing that doesn't have any fashion designer's name branded on them.

The game has a realistic nurse and pediatrician that teaches the player how to take care of their son or daughter.