Nintendo DS New Zealand Story: Revolution

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From Wikipedia: The NewZealand Story (ニュージーランドストーリーNyū Jīrando Sutōrī) is a platformer arcade game developed and published by Taito in 1988. The game's concept and setting were inspired by a holiday trip in New Zealand by one of the Taito programmers. The player controls Tiki (ティキ), a kiwi who must save his girlfriend Phee Phee (ピューピュー) and several of his other kiwi chick friends who have been kidnapped by a large blue leopard seal. While avoiding enemies, the player has to navigate a scrolling maze-like level, at the end of which they release one of Tiki's kiwi chick friends trapped in a cage.[3] In 2007, the arcade game received a remake for the Nintendo DS under the title, New Zealand Story Revolution.