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Nintendo DS Over The Hedge: Hammy Goes Nuts

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From Wikipedia: The Nintendo DS version of Hammy Goes Nuts! is an action adventure game.[1] The game follows Hammy in his attempts to help Boris the Beaver create a dam; in order to get the materials for the dam, Hammy and his friends set elaborate traps to fool the pest control man in order to be able to steal his tools throughout the neighborhood.[1] The player must complete a series of fetch quests in order to get the required materials. The gameplay is shown on the bottom screen, where the player controls Hammy; the top screen has a map which shows the entire level from a top-down view, and shows a picture of a human from the level who is asleep and counting sheep. The human serves as a timer, as once they wake up, the player loses.[1] The game is controlled using exclusively the touch screen.[1]