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Nintendo DS Pac-Pix

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From Wikipedia: 

The player uses the stylus to draw Pac-Men, and guide them through each level. Each Pac-Man can eat ghosts when drawn facing them, and can be guided by drawing walls, with the Pac-Man following the direction of the drawn wall when colliding with it. The size of the hand-drawn Pac-Man will also adjust its speed accordingly (Larger Pac-Men move slower, while smaller move faster). Only up to three Pac-Men can be present on screen at once; the oldest surviving Pac-Man will disappear if a Pac-Man is created while there are three Pac-Men on screen. Pac-Men will disappear if they move off screen or bounce of solid objects too fast.

After reaching specific points in the game, other gestures are unlocked, including the ability to shoot arrows and the ability to create bombs. Arrows allow the player to hit objects such as buttons on the top and bottom screens, as well as being able to stun ghosts. Bombs allow the player to cause explosions by connecting bomb fuses to lit candles, with the explosions destroying certain walls, shielded ghosts, and stunning ghosts. The explosion will also render the player unable to draw around the explosion radius for a period of time.

The game is split up into levels (referred to as "pages"), which are part of multiple "chapters". Each page has a time limit, and a limited amount of usable Pac-Men. The general objective is to eat all of the ghosts on-screen with minimal Pac-Men used as fast as possible. Various different types of ghosts appear, such as the blue ghost being able to move quickly as the Pac-Men approach, and the yellow ghost spilling colored ink, preventing the player from drawing around the ink. Each page features various gimmicks that require the player to perform certain gestures, such as popping bubbles, activating buttons to unlock gates and light candles, mirrors that make arrows bounce to another direction and walls that make Pac-Men bounce off to the other direction. There is a "safe tunnel" located at the top of every page, which allows Pac-Men to travel safely across the top of the screen, additionally eating ghosts and the bonus fruits/items that appear. The game ends if the player's last Pac-Man runs off screen with no Pac-Men left, or time runs out. The game features 12 chapters containing 5 pages. Some chapters end off with a boss fight. When a stage is completed. the amount of remaining time and remaining Pac-Men is tallied up for a bonus score. A score rank is given depending on how much the player has scored at the end of a chapter. An extra "second book", featuring faster moving ghosts and alternative ghost placements is unlocked after finishing the game, which also contains 12 chapters and 5 pages.

Completing chapters awards the player with cards, which displays descriptions of the various characters and objects that appear in-game. The game also includes a practice mode, where the player can practice drawing gestures, where also extra gestures not available in the normal modes can be used.