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Nintendo DS Prism: Light The Way

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From Wikipedia: 

The object of the game is to light up all of the Glowbos at the same time with their respective color. The game consists of five different game modes including Puzzle, Time, Hyper, Infinite, and Tutorial. The Puzzle game mode has 15 levels of 8 stages each totaling 120 puzzles altogether. There is also a scoreboard that keeps track of your best times for each puzzle.

The various Gluons are there to aid you in redirecting the light from the Bulboids into the Glowbos positioned in various places on each puzzle:

  • Mirrors: Redirect the light to the Glowbos. Note: Both sides of the mirror can reflect the light.
  • T-Splitters: Splits light into two separate beams. Faces all four directions and cannot be rotated.
  • Filter Blocks: Change the white light beams into colored beams to match the Glowbo.
  • Prisms: Split the light into every color out three different directions.
  • Cycloids: Cycle through different colors. Redirects the light to the way they are facing.