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Nintendo DS Puzzle Quest: Galactrix ~ CIB

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From Wikipedia: 

Unlike the original Puzzle Quest, Galactrix's quests will have you traveling various planets, star systems, and the entire galaxy.


There are currently two basic forms of tiles:

  • Colored tiles (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and silver); 
  • Numbered attack tiles have replaced skull tiles: Now whenever you match one of these numbered tiles the amount of damage done will be the sum of all the numbers on any attack tile you complete.

Puzzle Types[edit]

  • Combat This represents combat between space ships. Ships have equipment (the equivalent of spells in Puzzle Quest) which use gunnery, engineering, and science energy corresponding with red, yellow, and green tiles respectively. Damage is caused in two ways: by matching numbered attack tiles and/or by using certain pieces of ship equipment. The health of a ship is composed of shield and hull strength. Direct damage dealt to a ship must eliminate the shields before reducing the hull strength. When a ship's hull strength is reduced to 0, the ship is destroyed and the battle over. Shields can be replenished by matching blue tiles and/or by using certain pieces of ship equipment, while grey tiles produce intel and purple tiles produce psi power. Both intel and psi power are persistent between battles. Intel is useful for increasing the level of your character between battles by giving bonuses to the amount of energy you begin with at the start of each battle or allowing you to increase the maximum energy your character gets whenever you match red, yellow, green, or blue gems. Psi powers are used to skip battles with enemy ships of your choosing--such as when you feel your ship is not powerful enough to take on a particular opponent. Psi power can only be used against the weakest ships early in the game, but late in the game can be used for stronger and stronger enemies.
  • Hacking Leapgates To proceed from one star system to another one must use a leapgate. At the beginning of the game all leapgates are locked. The hacking puzzle is used to open these leappgates which, in turn, allow access to additional puzzles in other areas of the galaxy. Hacked leapgates generally stay open once hacked but randomly, over time, some leapgates will close--again requiring hacking. There are no attack tiles during this puzzle-type! The objective here is to copy the list of matches that the computer will "feed" you (for example, if the computer shows you a configuration of blue, red, blue--then you must match these colors at that moment and in that order). There will be a pre-determined list of colored tiles that need to be matched (in a specific order) within a specified time limit. When a target color is at the top of the player's list, other color tiles can still be matched--though they will just not count toward the score, as matches from this list must be fulfilled in the specific order in which they are presented to the player in order for the player to accumulate points.
  • Mining To acquire the raw materials needed to craft spaceships and parts, the player must mine asteroids. The goal of mining is to extract raw materials by matching gems that represent them. When there are no more legal moves left, the puzzle ends and the player gets all materials that were extracted. If a player manages to extract all of the maximum output of the asteroid before legal moves run out, then that player gets a bonus to the amount of materials extracted.[3]
  • Crafting Players can craft parts and ships at any shop, provided that the required raw materials are in the hold. Crafting requires matches of red, yellow, and green gems...creating a new token of the same color. The goal of crafting is to clear a specific number of the new tokens that are created, which can be matched together regardless of color. Crafting also features an unmovable gem that can still be cleared if matched.[3]
  • Haggling Haggling can be performed from the purchase menu of shops. Players will be presented with a board and are given the task of clearing as many gems as possible. However, instead of new gems falling to fill in the gaps, inactive black tokens fall. The percentage advantage earned from haggling can be used as a discount on a single purchase or as a bonus on the sale of a single part or ship. This puzzle becomes available after Pezt joins the player's crew.[3]
  • Gathering Rumours This puzzle becomes available after Elgara joins the player's crew. The goal of these puzzles is to survive a certain number of turns without matching special nuke tokens. Chain combos do not affect the turn counter. Rumours generally provide background information to the setting of Galactrix and do not seem to provide any readily usable in-game advantage to the player,[3] except for imparting an Intel bonus, useful for increasing the level of the player's character.