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Nintendo DS Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party

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From Wikipedia: 

Unlike its predecessors, the game supports the Wii Balance Board accessory. Several mini-games support use of the Balance Board, including dance and racing games - notably, the 'first video game you can play with your butt.'

The minigames consist of a channel system, each channel giving hold to specific minigames, in the same setting. For example, the X-TRM Sports, consist of racing on the belly of a yak down a hill, doing jumps, or a parody of MTV's Jackass that involves the player diving off an unfinished skyscraper, drawing shapes to fit through boards with holes in them. Other minigames involve a Plunger FPS similar to the other games. But this time, the player shoots plungers at a specific clothed Rabbid that does not belong in a movie, and in the ending, the ability to shoot is disabled for the whole ending for that minigame. Also, there are various games tied to dancing, wrestling, even a Rock Band experience. The player can run over other rabbids with a giant tractor, try to flip burgers, or possibly destroy a city as a fire-breathing Rabbid on a take of Godzilla. In the DS version of the game, the game replaced some games with new games. Also, there's a change to the minigame "Prison Fake". This time, the player has to find an item somewhere in the prison using the touch screen.