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Nintendo DS Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes ~ CIB

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From Wikipedia: Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes is a level-based action-adventure game, played from a third-person perspective. While it can be played solo, the game also features a two-player cooperative multiplayer mode. When played solo, players can switch between characters at will while the other character are controlled by artificial intelligence. Gameplay changes from level to level, although players will usually control either Jedi or clone troopers. When playing as Jedi, the gameplay is a combination of beat 'em ups and parkour; players can use their lightsabers and Force abilities to fight enemies, as well as solve puzzles. When playing as clones, the gameplay is similar to that of third-person shooters, with players wielding blasters and other weapons from the Star Wars universe, such as Thermal Detenators. A fixed camera angle is used throughout the entire game, which was one of the most criticized aspects of the gameplay.[5