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Nintendo DS Super Scribblenauts ~ CIB

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From Wikipedia: 

Super Scribblenauts is a side-scrolling action-oriented puzzle game that requires players to collect objects called "Starites" by inputting words, such as "ladder" or "fire", in order to collect these objects. One of Super Scribblenauts' features is the ability to add characteristics to objects, such as a "green refrigerator" or "anthropomorphic antimatter". More than one adjective can be tied to a single object, making it possible to summon objects such as "big flying purple pregnant octopus".[1] Players control the main character, Maxwell, using either the touch screen, D-Pad, or face buttons. Maxwell is a boy who has a "magical" notebook that makes written words come to life. Creating new objects with that notebook is the key to the game.[2]

The game includes a hint system as well as an improved level editor. The level editor allows the player to create various types of levels such as playgrounds (objectiveless levels that allows players to goof off, test combinations, or create words for Ollars) or adventure missions, and allows the player to pre-spawn objects via notebook icon.[1]