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Nintendo DS Tony Hawk's American Sk8Land

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From Wikipedia: 

The game focuses on a young up-and-coming skateboarder from the Midwest. After dominating a local competition, they are approached by Tony Hawk, who offers to take them to L.A. so they can immerse themselves in the 'West Coast style' of skateboarding. Upon arriving, they run into Mindy, a local skate enthusiast and aspiring comic artist who dreams of publishing her own comic called American Sk8teland, named after a famous skatepark Tony used to frequent. Upon seeing how dilapidated the place has become, the group decide to renovate the place and restore it to its former glory.

As the renovations progress and other pro skaters lend their support, Mindy informs the group that a publishing office in East L.A. wants to distribute her work, provided she supply them with a comic detailing American Sk8teland's return to prominence. However, Tony reveals that the park's owner has accepted an offer to sell the place, and they have two weeks to match the offer before it's torn down. After helping Rodney Mullen pull off a successful flatland demo, Mindy, upon noticing people were filming the demo, realizes they can make a similar video with the pros who helped make the park famous. Once the repairs are finished, the group films the pros doing various tricks and stunts around the park, culminating in Tony convincing the new skateboarder to pull off a Japan 900 to close out the demo. The video is a huge success when released, giving Tony the money needed to purchase American Sk8teland and Mindy the material needed to start her comic.