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Nintendo DS X-Men Origins: Wolverine ~ CIB

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From Wikipedia: 

X-Men Origins takes influences from games such as God of War and Devil May Cry with a third person perspective.[4] The Uncaged Edition also features a large amount of blood and gore. Enemies can be slain in several ways in addition to the graphic display of Wolverine's healing factor.[5]

Combat relies on three options - light attacks, heavy attacks, and grabs. Another form of attack is the lunge, which allows Wolverine to quickly close the distance to an enemy. Wolverine can also use the environment to his advantage, such as by impaling foes on spikes. During combat, Wolverine's rage meter builds up, and when full allows him to use more devastating attacks, like the claw spin and a berserker mode, which increases Wolverine's claw strength until his Rage Meter empties.[6] Experience (XP) is collected from defeating enemies, destroying elements and accumulating collectibles.[7] The XP is used to level up, and each new level results in gaining skill points, which are used to purchase upgrades.

The PlayStation 2 and Wii versions are less graphic, with less language and slightly different combat.[8][9] Feral senses are still obtained, which can detect doors, traps, enemies and sentinel observers, and lunges must be performed at closer distances.[9]