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Nintendo GameBoy Advance GBA Brittany's Dance Beat

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From Wikipedia: 

In Britney's Dance Beat, the player plays as an aspiring dancer who is auditioning for a spot as a backup dancer on her tour. One or two players compete for this opportunity through a series of rhythm games that take place on various make-shift stages consisting of different backdrops and usually featuring one Britney's music videos playing in the background.

The game mechanics involve pressing the correct button on the controller in sync with a round radar monitor in the lower left of the screen. As the radar scan sweeps around the dial, it lights up the corresponding button on the controller that the player should push at that exact time. The player's accuracy is reflected in the dance moves performed by the avatar.

After beating each audition, the player is rewarded with backstage passes that unlock bonuses such as footage of Britney backstage at her concerts.