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Nintendo GameBoy Advance GBA Disney's Treasure Planet

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From Wikipedia: 

Several Treasure Planet video games were released. In October 2002, Disney Interactive released the naval strategy game Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon for the PC, while in November, Sony Computer Entertainment released two separate Treasure Planet action video games for the PlayStation (developed by Magenta Software) and PlayStation 2 (developed by Bizarre Creations).[72] Bizarre Creations used Softimage's XSI engine for modeling, texturing and animation,[73] and released a Making-of video on their Facebook page in 2008.[74] A Game Boy Advance game based on the film was also released.

A series of games collectively called Disney's Treasure Planet: Training Academy (or Disney's Treasure Planet Collection[75]) was also released in 2002. It was composed of three games (Broadside Blast, Treasure Racer, and Etherium Rescue), and players with all three games could unlock a fourth game (Ship Shape).[76