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Nintendo GameBoy Advance GBA Monster Truck: Madness

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From Wikipedia: Monster Truck Madness offers twelve monster trucks, including BigfootGrave Digger and Snake Bite,[a] and tasks the player with beating computer opponents in four single-player modes: Drag, Circuit, Rally, and Tournament.[2][3] Drag focuses on traditional monster truck events set in arena and stadium venues[4][5] like BC Place[1]: BC Place description and Tacoma Dome;[1]: Tacoma Dome description the player qualifies to participate in knockout races that involve jumping over rows of cars.[4][5] Circuit has five short race tracks, and Rally has long exotic tracks[4][5] themed after Arizona,[1]: Arizona description the highlands,[1]: Highlands Rally description and the Yucatán.[1]: Yucatan Adventure description In Tournament, the player participates in a custom series of events with computer opponents.[1]: Tournament menu  Checkpoints,[6] multiple hidden shortcuts (like a broken bridge),[3] and objects (such as cacti, road signs, and fences) commonly appear in the tracks.[4][7] The finder directs the truck towards the checkpoint and can call the helicopter to put the truck back on the road