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Nintendo GameBoy Advance GBA Need For Speed: Carbon - Own The City

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Carbon takes place within the fictional city of Palmont, which encompasses four boroughs linked by a highway system: Kempton, which houses the city's industrial complexes; Downtown, which houses the city's metropolitan and financial buildings; Fortuna, which houses the city's residential area; and Silverton, which houses the city's casino & resort facilities. The city is also surrounded by three canyons known as East, West, and Carbon, which feature their own layout of the route, but which are not connected to Palmont. In the game's story, which takes place during a fixed period at night, the player is not able to access Silverton until they have made progress in career mode and only can access the canyon routes during events.


The player assumes the role of a street racer who, several years prior to their involvement in the events of Most Wanted, took part in a major street race around Palmont for a large cash prize against three other racers, each leader of a street racing crew: Kenji, leader of the Bushido; Angie, leader of the 21st Street; and Wolf, leader of the T.F.K. However, the racers were ambushed by the city's police, who immobilized the player's opponents with an EMP and began arresting everyone involved. The player escaped with the help of Darius, another street racer, and their former girlfriend Nikki; before leaving she handed over the bag containing the race's prize money, which later turned out to contain paper.

Following their time in Rockport, the player returns to Palmont but is pursued along a canyon route by former police sergeant Jonathan Cross, who now works as a bounty hunter and seeks revenge against them. After a crash causes the player to lose their car, Cross attempts to arrest them for the bounty on their head but is stopped by Darius, now leading his own crew called the Stacked Deck, who pays him off. Offering to help them, Darius asks Nikki, who now dates him, to assist despite her belief that the player betrayed everyone for the prize money. With Nikki's help, the player receives two crew members to help in races and a safehouse to operate from. On Darius' advice, the player begins taking part in street races for control over territories controlled by rival crews across three of the city's main boroughs. In the process, they also engage against Kenji, Angie and Wolf, defeating them and securing a member of their crew to aid them, each of whom confides in the player that they suspect someone else set up both them and each crew member's former bosses.[6]

After securing all three boroughs, Darius calls a meeting with the player, only to reveal that he sought to use the player to take control of the city from the other crews, betraying them to Cross. After leaving, Nikki arrives to save the player after making a secret deal with Cross. She soon reveals that Darius was responsible for setting up the player for the theft of the prize money  – Darius had tipped off the police, and in the chaos that ensued, switched out the prize money while leaving the player to take the blame by helping them escape the police sting.[7] Now aware of the truth, Nikki sides with the player to help take control of the last city borough, leading Darius to reinforce his crew with assistance from Kenji, Angie and Wolf to prevent this.[8] The player eventually defeats Darius and his crew, gaining control of all of Palmont's territory, despite Darius warning them to enjoy their victory before someone faster than them takes over.[