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Nintendo GameBoy Advance GBA Over The Hedge: Hammy Goes Nuts

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From Wikipedia: The Game Boy Advance version of Hammy Goes Nuts! is a miniature golf game.[2] The plot follows Hammy after his cable goes out; his friends teach him golf to pass the time without his television. Hammy finds that golf can be used to destroy stuff, and decides to use it to cause mischief.[2] The game requires the player to break human objects by bouncing the ball off of them, while also completing each hole in a certain number of strokes.[2] In order to succeed, the player controls Hammy from a top down view, and makes him move obstacles which are in the player's path so the course can be completed. After the obstacles have been moved, the player presses a button and the camera shifts to one of Hammy's friends from Over the Hedge, and the player takes the shot.[2] The game contains a challenge mode after courses have been completed which contains more obstacles and allows for less strokes, and features a more traditional miniature golf mode without obstacles.