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Nintendo GameBoy Advance GBA RoboTech: The MaCross Saga

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From Wikipedia: 

The game centres on the piloting of Veritech Fighters, the transformable mecha that are a notable feature of the Robotech series. The different modes offer unique advantages and vulnerabilities. Fighter mode has the fastest movement, but can't touch the ground. Battloid mode offers much better aim, but mobility is greatly diminished. While the hybrid Guardian mode splits the difference by combining and averaging these features.

The player can choose from their favorite Macross Saga characters (as seen on Masterpiece Collection toys released at the time). Each character offers varying levels of Power (Quantity of missiles), Stamina (Life energy), Strength (Strength of attacks), Piloting (Speed of movement) and Speed (Speed of Battloid).

After every few side-scrolling missions, there is an isometric view Destroid mission. Destroids are non-transformable Battloids that serve a similar role as a walking tank. The player can choose from a number of Destroids with different abilities.

The game also included a number of unlockable characters who like the main characters have different power levels. Many also fly different vehicles with their own quirks. Each main character you complete the game with unlocks their secret counterpart.

Link cable support allows for up to four player multiplayer.