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Nintendo GameBoy Color GBC Disney Winnie The Pooh: Adventures In The 100 Acres Woods

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From Wikipedia: 

The game has both arcade-style minigames and simple adventure game aspects.[2] It is incredibly easy to progress through the game, and if the player fails a challenge, the game will allow them to continue anyway.[2] The vast majority of the game is found in the board game section, where Pooh explores the 100 Acre Wood and helps Christopher Robin and his friends through different problems.[3] As the player completes different parts of the adventure, they are stored in Pooh's bookshelf in his house which the player can review at any time.[3]

The mini-games found inside of the game are similar to Game & Watch, and are mostly simple tasks that the player can easily complete.[3] These include a Simon Says-style game where the player follows Pooh's prompts, and a mini-game where the player must collect falling acorns for Piglet.[