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Nintendo Wii Baroque

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From Wikipedia: 

Baroque is a roguelike role-playing video game; taking on the role of the amnesiac player character, the player navigates the Neuro Tower, dungeon crawling through randomly-generated floors, with the aim of reaching the bottom floor.[2][3] The original game and the remake share basic gameplay, but also have several differences.[1][4] The original version takes place using a first-person perspective using tank controls, navigating 3D environments while interacting with 2D sprites of characters and enemies.[4][5][6] The remake mainly plays from a third-person perspective using entirely 3D graphics, using full analogue movement with more action-based gameplay and combat, in addition to remade graphics and adjustments to the progression.[2][7]

The game begins outside of the Neuro Tower with no items or experience points. Before entering the Neuro Tower, the player is presented with a gun called the Angelic Rifle with limited ammunition that kills enemies in one hit.[2][7] During exploration, the player can find items, melee weapons, and equipment scattered around the tower at random and by defeating enemies—which also grants the player experience points, allowing the player character to gain levels and become more powerful.[3][7][8] Upon death, rather than resulting in a game over, the protagonist is transported back to the home town; these deaths progress the narrative, and unlocks new dialogue and areas.[5][8] By throwing an item into a consciousness orb, the player can retrieve it from one of the non-player characters on the next playthrough. Up to five items can be saved in this manner at the start, but the number can increase if certain conditions are met. The Neuro Tower expands after certain conditions are met.[8]

The game uses two gauges to measure the protagonist's health: hit points and vitality. The vitality gauge constantly drains during gameplay. If it empties, the hit point gauge will begin to drain.[2] Both gauges can be refilled by eating various forms of flesh and hearts to restore hit points and vitality respectively. If flesh or a heart is consumed while the relevant stat is filled to maximum, the protagonist's maximum hit points or vitality will increase by a fixed amount.[7] Alongside exploring the Neuro Tower, players can interact with non-playable characters in the one town outside the tower, being able to complete quests.[3][5] Portals found on each floor of the Neuro Tower will transport the player to the next floor.[8] A recurring element is item management, as the player has a limited inventory and can use, discard or throw items. Many consumable items are unidentified prior to eating them. Items thrown at enemies can cause damage depending on what they are.[6][7]