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Nintendo Wii Battle Of The Bands - CIB

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From Wikipedia: The game features two of the eleven bands in the game playing the song head-to-head against one another. Notes will roll up from the bottom of the screen (as opposed to from the top like similar games) and the player must move the remote in sync like a conducting baton. The game also features various power-ups including electrifying the other player's board, shrinking notes, replace notes as landmines, or flipping the notes around and can be activated if played a certain amount of notes in a chain while one of the members attack the enemy band with their instruments formed as guns. However, certain instances allow the other player to block the effects from taking place with synced button presses. The music of the player playing the best will have their music playing dominantly, with the others being less audible. When there is a face off verse, one band attacks while the opposing band defend and vice versa. At the end of the song, band with the most points will destroy the losing band, then do their winning animation.