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Nintendo Wii Big Buck Hunter Pro ~ CIB

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From Wikipedia: Inspired by Duck Hunt, the game's goal is to shoot the male animals as they run across the screen. The round ends when a female one is shot.[1] Each scene will begin with a couple of animals walking without any suspicions. After a first shot is done, the animals will begin running and the hunt starts.[2] Big Buck Hunter is separated in five screens, also known as "treks". A hunting sessions concludes in a bonus round.[3] The players can either participate solo or one on one by using two plastic rifles.[4] How much points will be earned depends on certain factors like distance, weight and accuracy. There are different states to choose from with a variety of animals, like antelope or moose.[5] The hunting can be done in different conditions varying from fog to snow, with overall 16 bonus rounds.[6] All of the Big Buck HD machines are networked so they can track the players' rankings through online leaderboards.[7] Big Buck HD was the first edition to integrate Facebook and Twitter. That allows players to share and compare scores and awards via social networks.