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Nintendo Wii Boom Blox Bash Party

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From Wikipedia: 

Boom Blox Bash Party features similar gameplay to its predecessor. It features a new slingshot mechanic; the shooting mechanic is less prominent than in the first game.[2] The game includes new environments (such as underwater and outer space), new block shapes (such as cylinders and ramps), and more extensive multiplayer.[2]

Boom Blox Bash Party originally allowed players to upload levels, as well as download levels made by other players and Electronic Arts.[3] Uploaded levels had to be reviewed by Electronic Arts, with any inappropriate content filtered out.[3] However, a player could download any levels made by someone on their Wii Friends list.[3] Boom Blox Bash Party did not feature Friend Codes, a common method of online play in Wii and Nintendo DS games.[4] Some of the levels uploaded by EA include levels from the original Boom Blox.[3] The ability to upload and download levels ended on April 13, 2012 when EA shut down all of the servers.[5][6]