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Nintendo Wii Brothers In Arms: Double Time

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World War II rages across Europe, and what comes next could decide the outcome of the conflict once and for all. As Sergeant Matt Baker or Joe Hartsock, you must put your stealth and strategy to the test as you lead your airborne squad behind enemy lines during the Normandy invasion. Fail and you put the lives of all your men - not to mention the fate of the world - in jeopardy. Do you have what it takes to lead a team of soldiers into brutal combat as part of a critical military campaign?

Prepare for fast-paced, squad-based shooter action as the renowned Brothers in Arms franchise comes to the Wii in Brothers in Arms: Double Time, featuring the first two games in the series: Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood. Experience powerfully authentic battle sequences based on actual D-Day Airborne Infantry battles, painstakingly recreated under the direction of author, historian and Airborne Ranger Colonel John Antal. Battle your way through 31 playable levels in a thrilling close-quarter urban environment. Use the power of your Wii Remote to command your teams by issuing orders and performing military gestures.


  • Includes the first two games in the Brothers in Arms franchise: Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood
  • Play as Sergeant Matt Baker or Joe Hartsock, leading your squad behind enemy lines during the Normandy invasion
  • Experience powerful, dynamic combat in close-quarter urban environments
  • Live the war as it really happened in battles accurately recreated using thousands of official maps, photos, After-Action Reports and eyewitness accounts
  • Next-generation artificial intelligence system brings the human drama of the war to life around you
  • Use the enhanced control scheme of the Wii Remote to perform military gestures and issue orders to your team