Nintendo Wii Chicken Shoot ~ CIB

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Chicken Shoot is a gallery shooting game based on free 2003 flash game of the same name. Played from the first-person perspective, the player points the Wii remote and shoots all chickens that fly across the screen. Different kinds of guns can be picked up and every now and then enemies thrown an egg towards the screen that needs to be blown up quickly. Extra points are awarded for shooting certain background items, bombs destroy everything on the screen, food can be picked up to refill energy (Arcade) and clocks add more time (Classic).

The game uses hand-drawn graphics. There are different settings, such as the desert and Antarctica, and three game modes with different difficulty levels, but quite similar. In single-player, there is Arcade (shoot a specific number of chickens), Classic (time limit) and Catch an Egg (a mini-game where eggs need to be caught before they drop on the ground). The first two can also be played in split-screen multiplayer.