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Nintendo Wii Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party ~ CIB

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From Wikipedia: 

The Gameplay is largely unchanged from other Dance Dance Revolution games.[4] However, the game features additional modes taking advantage of the hardware of the Wii. The game allows the integration of the Wii Remote into gameplay, where steps can be replaced by markers requiring a hand motion with the remote.[5] Other step types include steps which must be hit twice.

Hottest Party includes a single player mode (Groove Circuit and free play), and Workout Mode.[6] Free play gives the players a free choice of songs, which can be played in Sync mode (several players play the same chart, and only the lowest step judgment on each arrow will count), and Friendship mode (where the highest step judgment is counted).[7] In Groove Circuit, players will play through venues and different groups of songs. At the end of each venue, a boss battle will start.[8] There are challenges for each dance, as well. The game supports multiplayer which requires four dance mats for each player