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Nintendo Wii EA Sports Active Personal Trainer

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From Wikipedia: 

EA Sports Active is an exercise game consisting of activities that use the motion controls of the Wii platform. Primarily played using the Wii Remote, the game package includes a pouch that allows the player to strap the attached Nunchuk to their legs in order to track their lower body movements. The Wii Balance Board is also supported but is not required for play.[2]

The game features a number of exercise options supervised by a virtual personal trainer, including 20 minute workout regimens and a 30 Day Challenge mode that lets players set workout goals, such as calories burned or a number of sessions while tracking their progress over time. The idea is that the weight loss will happen on its own if the calories burned goals in each workout are met or exceeded.[4]

The game also awards trophies for reaching specific fitness landmarks, such as accumulating 10 total workout hours, working out with a friend, and completing all the exercises in the 30 Day Challenge.

Players are also encouraged to create a custom workout session built around either personal favorite exercises, calorie goals (such as burning 100+ calories in one session), or targeting specific body areas. To help aid in creating a balanced workout, a percentage chart displays how much of the routine is devoted to either upper body, lower body, or cardio development. The intensity of the workout can be altered by changing the difficulty levels of either a single exercise or the entire routine.