Nintendo Wii GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra ~ CIB

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From Wikipedia: After the events of Operation Hiss, Duke and Scarlett travel to the Arctic and free Heavy DutyRipcord, and Snake Eyes from the M.A.R.S Detention Center. Also, they fight the Baroness and bring her to the Pit. In Egypt, the Joes learn that Cobra is taking the Apep's Eye (Gem), and must defeat Firefly. In the jungle, the Joes discover that Cobra is making a pyramid-like (ziggurat) building in the middle of the jungle. From there, the Joes must defeat James McCullen (who now takes the identity of Destro) at the rooftop of the pyramid building. Finally, they must defeat the Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow at the North Magnetic Pole Volcano base.