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Nintendo Wii Madden NFL 10 ~ CIB

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From Wikipedia: 


All of the features apply to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, unless otherwise noted below.

  • PRO-TAK – New animation technology that allows up to nine players to be involved in tackles, ability to steer tackles, a more realistic pocket around the QB caused by a new blocking system, and QB avoidance actions.[5]
  • Fight for the Fumble (Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP) – A fumble pile-up that triggers when a fumble occurs near two players. To gain possession, the user must repeatedly press a series of buttons that appear on the screen.[5]
  • New Ratings Philosophy – Ratings have been re-scaled for a more noticeable difference between players, and new ratings such as Throw accuracy deep, medium, short, and throw on run and many more, make players styles more realistic.[6]
  • Sim Style Gameplay – Game speed has been reduced for a more realistic, life like experience.[7]
  • Player Momentum – More realistic acceleration, deceleration, planting & turn rates.[8]
  • Quarterback Improvements – Layered blending, new QB ratings and more realistic QB dropback animations.[9]
  • WR/DB Interaction – Improved route running and coverage.[10]
  • Play Designer (PSP) – Players can create custom plays and formations, then upload them directly to a PlayStation 3.


  • Procedural Awareness – System which allows each player to realistically follow the ball using head, eyes, neck and shoulders.[11]
  • Depth of Field – All new system which will not only improve the visual quality of the game but will allow a more realistic broadcast experience.[12]
  • New Injury System – Injury status/severity is delayed instead of immediate for more suspense and realism, all new animations with trainers and injury carts are shown, players playing injured have their ratings affected negatively and are at chance of re-injuring themselves.[13]
  • The Extra Point – A weekly wrap-up show with Fran Charles and Alex Flanagan in franchise mode.
  • Halftime/Postgame Show – Recaps stats and highlights with Alex Flanagan.
  • Super Bowl Presentation  United States Air Force Thunderbirds and National Anthem, along with Super Bowl patches for jerseys and team specific endzones, sidelines and midfield logos.[14]
  • Cutscenes – Multiple pre/post play cutscenes along with camera angles such as coaches on the sidelines and quarterbacks talking on the phone.
  • New announcers (PSP, PS2, Wii) – The PSP, PS2, and Wii versions of the game received new announcers in Tom Hammond and Cris Collinsworth. They replaced Al Michaels and John Madden.[15]
  • Chain gang – The chain gang comes out on a close call for a first down. If it's not a successful first down, the referee will signal how much is left. If it's successful, the referee will point to the team's endzone, just like in real life.


  • Superstar Mode – Made more simple. Aspects such as messages and interviews were removed.
  • Improved Franchise Mode – Improved progression and regression, offseason signing logic, draft logic (players will be picked on needs of the team) and pre-created draft classes and more. Includes the new "Extra Point".[16]
  • New Creation Features – New accessories such as QB towels, additional facemasks, handwarmers, new gloves, arm bands and more.
  • Addition of the Wildcat offense (Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, PS2, Wii) – Players can now run the wildcat offense.[17]
  • Signature QB throwing-style animations – Signature throwing styles for quarterbacks, only quarterbacks who are the default starting or top drafted quarterbacks in the game.
  • Signature Kicking Styles – Different kicking styles.
  • Uniforms – Ability to mix-n-match uniforms with a 3D preview of the uniform while editing. Allowing players to customize team jerseys.
  • Accelerated Clock – Automatic runoff of time from the clock after the huddle. Returned from the Windows version of Madden 2008. Similar to Chew Clock in NCAA Football 10.
  • Cheat codes (Wii) – For the first time since Madden NFL 07, a cheat code system is in place to unlock content such as franchise mode and the Super Bowl XLIV stadium.