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Nintendo Wii Pinball Hall Of Fame: The Williams Collection ~ CIB

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All machines are available at the start of play, but some require players to use credits. The player begins the game with 20 credits and earn more by obtaining specials and accomplishing various goals on each machine. For 100 credits, players can buy any of the locked machines for free-play mode. Completing the five goals for any machines also allows players to unlock a locked machine.

Other unlockable options include the ability to use custom-textured pinballs, play a left-to-right inverted (Mirror Mode) version of the game, and disable tilt detection. Flipper control remains intuitive in Mirror Mode, with the left trigger controlling the left on-screen flipper. Side-specific features of some games, such as Lane Change, move to the opposite side of the machine.

In the Wii version of the game, the player uses the trigger buttons of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to activate the flippers. The machine can be bumped or shifted with the motion sensors in either the Remote or Nunchuck. The resulting motion is proportional in magnitude and identical in direction to the controller's motion. This allows skilled players to use just enough motion to perform advanced ball saves without triggering the tilt mechanism, just as can be done on a physical machine.[3]


Table Year Platform(s)
Wii and PSP PS3 and 360 PS2 3DS
Black Knight 1980 Yes Yes Yes Yes
FunHouse 1990 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gorgar 1979 Yes Yes Yes Yes
PIN•BOT 1986 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Space Shuttle 1984 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Taxi 1988 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Whirlwind 1990 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Firepower 1980 Yes Yes Yes No
Jive Time 1970 Yes Yes[a] No No
Sorcerer 1985 Yes Yes No No
Tales of the Arabian Nights 1996 No Yes[b][1] No No
Medieval Madness 1997 No Yes[b][1] No No
No Good Gofers 1997 No Yes[b][4] No No