Nintendo Wii PopStar Guitar

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From Wikipedia: 

In PopStar Guitar, players embark on a journey as a budding guitarist with aspirations of becoming the ultimate pop music sensation. Throughout the game, players develop skills to help them achieve their goal of success on the main stage of a worldwide Battle of the Bands competition, which will bring them international stardom.

The career mode will see the player starting as a member of a garage band before touring across the 25 different in game venues before performing at the Battle Of The Bands.[1] The game features 12 playable characters (6 male/6 female) to choose from, and players are able to customize their look and the instruments they play.

The game is played similar to other music games with players trying to press buttons as they follow scrolling notes onscreen. The PlayStation 2 version supports guitar controllers for play, while the Wii version will come packaged with one AirG controller shell allowing players to play air guitar-style using only the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.[2]