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Nintendo Wii Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party ~ CIB

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Unlike its predecessors, the game supports the Wii Balance Board accessory. Several mini-games support use of the Balance Board, including dance and racing games - notably, the 'first video game you can play with your butt.'

The minigames consist of a channel system, each channel giving hold to specific minigames, in the same setting. For example, the X-TRM Sports, consist of racing on the belly of a yak down a hill, doing jumps, or a parody of MTV's Jackass that involves the player diving off an unfinished skyscraper, drawing shapes to fit through boards with holes in them. Other minigames involve a Plunger FPS similar to the other games. But this time, the player shoots plungers at a specific clothed Rabbid that does not belong in a movie, and in the ending, the ability to shoot is disabled for the whole ending for that minigame. Also, there are various games tied to dancing, wrestling, even a Rock Band experience. The player can run over other rabbids with a giant tractor, try to flip burgers, or possibly destroy a city as a fire-breathing Rabbid on a take of Godzilla. In the DS version of the game, the game replaced some games with new games. Also, there's a change to the minigame "Prison Fake". This time, the player has to find an item somewhere in the prison using the touch screen.


Rayman is running away from a group of Rabbids while lightning strikes. As Rayman reaches an abandoned house, another strike causes the Rabbids to be teleported into the TV antenna, through down the wire, and trap in the TV. Rayman turns on the TV and suddenly, the Rabbids start to appear on all of the channels in their own service. They appear in Trash TV, Groove On, Shake It, The Raving Channel, Cult Movies, X-trm Sports, Macho TV, and No Brainer Channel.

During the week, Rayman tries to get rid of the Rabbids, who are constanly annoying him and putting his patience to the test. First, on Monday, he tries simply pulling the plug, but this doesn't stop them from messing around with the TV. Hitting the TV with his fist and then an ice pack Tuesday night causes the screen to slowly crack throughout the game. On Wednesday, after taping the TV doesn't get rid of the Rabbids' noise after having two consecutive sleepless nights, he throws it out of the house, only to have it given back to him by moles who also got annoyed the next day. On Friday, Rayman throws it on the toilet, but Rabbids use a wire outside the TV to flush it. When he saw this the following day, he decides to drown them in the sink, but the whole house shook as a result.

Finally, the following night, he changes channel to watch a rugby game on Sunday night, but it kept getting interrupted by the Rabbids. Even though he tried to keep changing the channel, it doesn't work, and Rayman, pushed to his breaking point, breaks the TV with his shoe and frees them. He flees from his house as the Rabbids chase him again, while one Rabbid stays inside to scream at the ringing telephone after turning on a vacuum cleaner.