Nintendo Wii Smarty Pants

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From Wikipedia: 

When setting up a game (using existing Miis if desired), players input their ages, allowing the title to tailor the trivia questions to fit the age of the players.

Actual play consists of a variable number of rounds, depending on selected game length. During a round, each player spins a wheel which determines the category for the upcoming set of questions. While spinning and shortly after the wheel stops, players may use the Wii Remote to "bump" the wheel to attempt to land on the desired category. Categories include "Art", "Books", "Entertainment", "Fashion", "Games", "Places & People", "Science" and "Sports".

During typical competitive play, players attempt to answer multiple choice questions before others by quickly "buzzing in". While the question is displayed prior to someone buzzing in, the four available answers are not shown until afterwards, so players may think they know the answer only to be stymied when it is missing as one of the choices. Correct answers reward players with points, while incorrect answers result in a score penalty.

Scoring can be set to be either "Countdown", where points are awarded based on how quickly players answer, or "Wager", where players battle to decide how many points the upcoming set of questions will be worth in advance.

At the end of the game and between certain rounds of longer games, additional bonus rounds are played. During bonus rounds, players take turns answering trivia questions that only one player may answer. Players continue to receive questions until an incorrect answer is given, at which point that player is out of the bonus round. The bonus round continues until all players have given an incorrect answer.