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Nintendo Wii Tamagotchi: Party On! ~ CIB

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From Wikipedia: 

Like the other Tamagotchi games, this is composed of mini games in which players compete. The mini games, like Driving and Watering plants, have rewards at the end depending on how well the minigame was cleared. Players use different Tamagotchi characters like Mimitchi, Violetchi, Kuchipatchi etc. It also has games in which the player tries to get "Gotchi", Tamagotchi cash. Players use this cash to buy items to customize their headquarters. Players can play as the Tamagotchi characters, such as Mametchi and Kuchipatchi, with some characters unlocked while playing. There are always four players in the game. If there are fewer than four people playing, the CPU will play. The player can set the difficulty level to easy, medium, or hard. The game is a series of elections, set by the player, that determine who will be the next president of Tamaworld. Apart from this, the player can also play the minigames separately.


It is time for a new president of Tamaworld, and the Tamagotchis are setting up an election to see who it will be. The planet is abuzz and some of the characters want to be president. The election managers hold a competition for whoever can do the most good deeds, become the most popular Tamagotchi on the planet and get the most votes. The Tamagotchis set off to become the most popular Tama on the planet and the title of President!