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From Wikipedia: 

The version of Downhill Jam for Wii was developed by Toys for Bob, developer of Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure and the game adaptation of Madagascar. This version is played with the Wii Remote held sideways, and players tilt it left or right to steer their character down the track.

As in older Tony Hawk's games, there are game modes for high scores and completing goals, but a high-speed racing mode forms the crux of the game. Tricks are used in part to reach secret and alternate routes, although revert and manual tricks are absent. This formula is similar to that used in the SSX series of snowboarding games.

The Wii version features a multiplayer mode with four players competing head-to-head in split screen. While online play was announced within early development, it was not included in the final version of the game.

Downhill Challenge[edit]

The Wii version of Downhill Jam features a single-player mode called "Downhill Challenge". The story to this is Tony Hawk who puts on an event where Hawk and friends tour around the world to compete in a series of downhill skating competitions such as: Races, Slalom, "Trick", "Steal The Head", and "Elimirace".

Story mode[edit]

In its story, the player recruits skaters into Tony Hawk's skate crew and battles a rival crew run by Antonio Segul (a reference to Tony Hawk, being a bird's name), an "old-school" skater trapped in the 80s. To recruit the skaters, they must beat various challenges before challenging that particular skater to one of 3 events to earn a medal, and the skater him/herself. The story of the DS version can be treated as a sequel to American Sk8land, as the skatepark featured in Downhill Jam's opening and closing cutscenes is American Sk8land, the decrepit skatepark from American Sk8land. The story mode is only available in the DS version, while the Wii version has "Downhill Challenge".