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Nintendo Wii Scene It? Twilight ~ CIB

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From Wikipedia: 

Scene It? Twilight is a trivia game about the movie Twilight, and features no questions about New Moon even though the movie version of the book was released at the same time as the game.[1] The game features a number of different question types, including text-based questions and questions based on movie clips.[2] The game has two game modes: a mode which allows players to compete through four rounds of questions, or a mode which allows the players to answer a set of either 10, 20, or 30 questions to compete for a high score.[2]

The majority of questions in the game focus on small details from the movie.[1] Some questions use clips from the movie and then ask the players a question, while the majority of questions are found in text form, asking the player for specific details such as Edward Cullen's birth year.[2] Questions are either asked for all participants, or one person is in the "hot seat", and is allowed the chance to answer the question by themselves before other players are allowed to buzz in and answer.