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From Wikipedia: 

The game takes place in an amusement park setting, which serves as a hub for the twelve minigames, which are depicted as the park's attractions. A robotic character named Monita guides the player through Nintendo Land's features and attractions. The first twelve minigames of Nintendo Land are based on popular Nintendo franchises: two of the attractions (Metroid Blast and Mario Chase) are based on Wii U tech demos shown at E3 2011, but are modified to feature Nintendo characters. These minigames are designed to incorporate elements which utilize the features of the Wii U GamePad, often in conjunction with other players using Wii Remotes and Nunchucks (with some games supporting up to five players in this configuration).[3] The combination of Wii Remotes and Wii U GamePads allows for asymmetric gameplay, where players have different experiences depending on which controller scheme they use.[4] Completing minigames and completing certain objectives earns coins, which can be used to play a single-player pachinko minigame. Winning pachinko stages will earn new items for decorating the Nintendo Land hub area.