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PS2 Super Trucks Racing ~ CIB

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From Wikipedia: 

While the player's truck has unlimited gasoline, the player must maintain the temperature of the truck's brakes by cooling them with water. An option in the menu can be toggled so this task can either be done manually or automatically by the game. Since there is a limited amount of water available to cool the brakes, even automatic brake cooling does not guarantee that the brakes will remain cool in longer races or practice sessions.

These specialized trucks are eighteen wheelers that are modified for racing on road courses; a large majority of these courses are located in Europe[2] (including the Circuit Paul Armagnac in Nogaro, France). Formula One-like physics and turning dominate the tracks.[2] Darlington Raceway (referred to in-game as "Darlington Autodrome" for no apparent reason) is considered to be one of the few North American courses in the game. However, it uses right as well as left turns like a road course instead of the standard oval used for NASCAR racing. All the real-world drivers included in the game are European in origin.[2] Although the pit lane can be seen while driving through the start/finish line, the entrance to the pit lane is blocked and pit stops are not permitted in any mode of the game.

All manufacturers which competed in the 2001 European Truck Racing Championship are represented, apart from Mercedes-Benz, whose drivers appear in the game as part of an unlicensed "Moto LKW" racing team. This is due to Mercedes-Benz's then-ongoing relationship with game developer Synetic GmbH, who produced Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing in 2000, and would later produce Mercedes-Benz World Racing in 2003.