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From Wikipedia: 

EyePet is a game for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, developed by London Studio and Playlogic Game Factory.[4] The original PlayStation 3 version was released in Europe on 23 October 2009 and in Australia on 27 October 2009.[5] This version of EyePet was originally scheduled to be released in North America on 17 November 2009, but was held back.[2] Instead, a newer version of EyePet adapted for the PlayStation Move motion control system was released in North America on 5 September 2010, where it is available in a bundle.[6] In October 2010, the Move-adapted version was released in Japan and Europe, with the European edition entitled EyePet Move Edition.[1] The game also supports 3D on 3D enabled TVs. The PSP version of EyePet was released on 2 November 2010.

The game uses the camera to allow a virtual pet to interact with people and objects in the real world. Using augmented reality, the gremlin-like, simian, brazilian creature appears to be aware of its environment and surroundings and reacts to them accordingly. The player can place objects in front of the animal and the game will interpret what the object is and respond to it.[7] For example, if the player rolls a ball towards it, it will jump out of the way to avoid being hurt. It will also react to the player's actions and sound allowing the user to, for example, tickle the animal or clap their hands to startle it. A trailer shown at E3 2009 shows the pet being customized with outfits and colored fur and interacting with virtual objects including a trampoline and bubble machine. The trailers also demonstrate users drawing custom objects (first trailer shows a car, E3 2009 trailer shows an airplane) which are scanned by the camera and converted to virtual objects which the pet can then interact with. The pet can also be fed, as in the trailers, it is shown eating cookies and a type of pet food.[8]