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PS3 Full Auto 2: Battle Lines

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From Wikipedia: 

Full Auto 2 features the same controller configuration as the Xbox 360 version. The points system from the first game was removed. The upgrades for the weapons from the front and rear are no longer featured in the game. It features Base Assault (online only) where one team must defend the base, while the others will charge and destroy their rivals, as well as their base.

In the single player mode, players have to get to the end of the track by a certain time or destroy a certain number of objects or vehicles to win. The player also at times must complete a race by making sure an ally survives the laps or time allotted.

Career mode entails that the player completes primary objectives to continue/pass the level that usually consists of protecting an alley, finishing a race first, or by killing a selected target. The target is occasionally a boss battle, sometimes in large battle arenas that are a bit like a gladiator coliseum. Players may also complete secondary objectives at each level, but must complete the primary objectives first to complete the level to earn the completed secondary objectives. There are always secondary objectives usually consisting of three in number. Players that complete the required primary objectives may be rewarded with a car or a weapon, and if they complete the secondary objectives, they may obtain a car, weapon, or car skins that consists of various paint schemes