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From Wikipedia: 

G-Force is an action-adventure game played from a third person perspective. The player plays through multiple linear levels in a variety of environments in order to progress. In combat, the player controls Darwin and must use his arsenal to defeat his enemies. Some of the weapons in Darwin's arsenal include his electric whip, a plasma gun, and a freeze gun.[2]

Outside of combat, the player must complete platforming challenges using Darwin's jetpack which allows him to hover in the air. They must also solve puzzles, some of which require the player to control Mooch, a gnat who can fly and enter places Darwin can't. Mooch can disable enemies and traps, which allows Darwin to progress. In certain sections, the player controls a modified hamster ball and must travel through sewers, shooting enemies and avoiding obstacles.

Throughout the game, the player can collect SaberSense Chips, an in-game currency that allows the player to purchase upgrades for their weapons.[3]