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PSP Neopets PetPet Adventures: The Wand Of Wishing

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From Wikipedia: 

Players take the role of a Petpet from Neopia who becomes anthropomorphic after stepping into a different world. There are four playable Petpet species; Doglefox, Krawk, Mazzew, and Meowclops, each with slightly different starting stats. The player can change the color of the Petpet during gameplay by entering a magical colored pool.[citation needed]

The player can acquire items such as swords, staves, wands, magic spells, and armor for the head and body. These items can then be equipped to improve combat ability and defense. Some items can be set up in a separate inventory where they can be used during gameplay. The inventory starts with only three slots but can be increased to eight during the course of the game.

There is no experience or leveling up to improve the Petpet. Instead, tokens have to be won by paying a fee and challenging bosses in the Battledome. Once a player has the correct token for a particular statistic, it then can be used by a trainer to increase a stat.[2] Also available in the Battledome is a wireless feature where players' Petpets can fight each other. If ad hoc multiplayer is used, the entrance fee is removed and the winner still receives the token corresponding to the Battledome challenged in.

It is not possible to reenter previous areas after entering a new location.[citation needed]

Players can acquire Petpetpets by feeding them a specified food and then picking them up after they eat the food.[2]